[HQ] IVAO 20th Anniversary Event

IVAO #39;s 20th Anniversary Festivities

Dear fellow IVAO members,
20 years have passed since IVAO was founded! This, we will celebrate! On the 1st of December, our biggest Anniversary event will take place!
Starting at 00.00z our 24h event will start. During this event, we will also have our annual Crowded Sky event, 
Belux Region and the Greek division hosts the very first leg for the new upcoming 20th Anniversary World Tour and the final 20th Anniversary Divison Airbridge!.
Join in the festivities!

1st of December Announcement | 1st of December Q&A 

 Event Details

24 Hour event
Fly from and to, or control, one of the approved airports to earn the 20th Anniversary Award
Event Time: 00.00z -23.59z
Event Date: 01.12.2018
Approved event airports: LIST

Ukraine is selected by 3 airports - UKBB, UKLL and UKOO. Kindly fly and control in all 3 airports during the 1st December.

Crowded Skies event
Be online as pilot or ATC at least 20 minutes before and after peak time to earn the Crowded Skies 18 award.
Peak Time: 19.00Z
Event Date: 01.12.2018

20th Anniversary World Tour 
Fly the very first leg in the new 20th Anniversary World Tour
Event Time: 17.00z
Event Date: 01.12.2018

20th Anniversary Divisional Airbridge 
Fly the last 20th Anniversary Divisional airbridge between EBBR - LGAV
Event announcement - XB - GR
Event Time: 17.00z
Event Date: 01.12.2018

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